The discipline fiction of Paulus the Woodgnome

Here is a comprehensive set of male CP stories by Paulus the Woodgnome, collected all together in fully authorised and newly revised edition for the first time.

It was stories by talented and dedicated authors such as Paulus, and most especially his that are now published here for your enjoyment, that inspired me to put my own humble fingers to the keyboard. His continuing encouragement and support is invaluable, and I am delighted to show my gratitude by bringing his stunningly individual and amusing work to your attention.

You can also find brand new work by the irrepressible Woodgnome and his new consort of consequences, Cobweb, at their very own new sylvan site Hic Draconis Publishing. Mischievous and impudent, with emphasis on the "imp", enter at your own peril !

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do - if so, please let Paulus know !

Stories in modern settings

About Love

A young man discovers the pain and joy of true submission

Discipline haiku - newly available !

Beautiful, unusual Japanese-style poetry illuminating some moments of experience (illustrated)

Kevin Gets What He Deserves

A hot double date ends up making a well-toasted sandwich !

A Learning Experience

A teacher gets payback in a spanking session with some old pupils

Life Hurts

Shock therapy and a spanking new beginning for a depressed young man


A surprise power-play in the gym for the executive and the officeboy

Mr. Perfect and the new sequel Watchfire New!

Jealousy in the workplace forces an effective homespun cure for executive stress

Personal Trainer

A bodybuilder gets more than he bargains for when he's given a less-than-willing client


From boy to man - continuing the cycle

Remnants - a life with songs and spanking New!

Where does a dominant/submissive relationship end and a domestically violent one begin ?

Rough Diamond

A dodgy blag and a caring cop teach some likely lads an unforgettable lesson

Rugger-Bugger - an ianboy favourite !

Seeking the masculine touch gets a student into trouble beyond his wildest fantasies

Signals Red - newly available !

An erotic story of awakening sexuality for a young man

A Site for Sore Arse - newly available !

An old school friend helps deliver some rough justice

The Spankee's Catechism - newly available !

Sometimes it's hard to put into words just what we want - perhaps this will help


Sloppy habits get a creative response from some young flat-mates

Fantasy and historical stories

The Computerisation of Faery

A glimpse of the system the Woodgnome uses to write this stuff

Conclave and the new sequel Conspiracies New!

An apprentice magician learns about real power, mastery and intrigue


The escort of your dreams ?

The First Hairbrushing - an ianboy favourite !

or How the Baboon Got a Red Bottom, from "Almost So Stories" by Rudyard Woodgnome

Gaslight New!

Trouble for the Law as an unknown terror stalks the streets of Olde London Town

Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn - an ianboy favourite !

In a repressive future, an escape into virtual sexuality takes an unexpected turn

A Gift for the Eagle

A reluctant Roman master has to take responsibility for a new slave

Hassan - an ianboy favourite !

Did you think Shahrazad told only A Thousand and One Nights of stories ?

Ill-met in Paris

Sometimes it's a mistake to stop spanking too soon . . .

King Solomon's Whines :
Chapter 13 & Chapter 14

In this thrilling extract the expedition lands in dire and painful peril !

The Lion, the Switch, and the Wardrobe - newly available !

The White Witch's evil plans are upset by the return of a feared adversary

Mavruche, or The Merchant of Essences
(a tribute to Jack Vance)
- an ianboy favourite !

Yrel the Wanderer from the West is ensnared in a trap of most devilish delightful doom


On the importance (perhaps) of being truly, timely sorry

Prince Florian, or A Right Royal Spanking - an ianboy favourite !

How a wise Fairy Grandmother gave a naughty young prince some royal responsibility

Samuel Peeps :
The First Epistle, Epistle the Second & Epistle the Third

Being the True Accounts of his frequent Misfortune in his Search for Fortune in the Citie

Trump Hand New!

A mercenary Captain makes quite an impression on a young Margrave

Un Conte Cruel

A gruesome tale of a most unusual recital to soothe a love-ensorcelled, restless King

Under Djemang - a fantasy - an ianboy favourite !

Sai discovers a startling destiny under the ministrations of his terrible but loving god

Your Horoscope

Your Spanking Stars this Month - by Mystic Mogadon (illustrated)

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