by Paulus the Woodgnome

Josh was feeling good as he stepped towards the showers. Winning a squash game always gave him that high - in fact, it made him feel distinctly horny, though luckily there was no-one else around to see the 8-inch evidence of that, their game having been the last booked for that evening, and his opponent having scuttled off, tail between his legs. Damn, but life was great when you were a hot-shot working for a company that took as good care of its employees as Metacorp - full sports facilities and a regular supply of squash players from Finance who weren't quite as good as they thought.

Oh, shit, he thought. I left the shampoo back in the changing room. Now I'll have to walk back and get it. Swearing cheerfully to himself, sweaty and naked save for a towel draped casually over his shoulder, the young executive spun on his heel and turned back for the door between the shower area and the changing rooms. Suddenly a faint noise met his ears.

Christ ! Someone is going through my things. Adrenaline flooded his system, and before he had really thought about what he was doing he was across the room and on top of the figure huddled over his clothes. He raised his fist to strike . . .

"No ! Please don't hit me !" To his astonishment, Josh saw not the nameless sneakthief that he had expected but their willowy blond office junior, Matthew. The boy's green eyes had widened in fear so that a white ring showed all around them, and he had gone so pale beneath his tan that his skin looked almost green too.

"Matthew ? You little bastard, what do you think you're playing at ?" Josh heaved the younger man up by his lapels and shook him as a dog shakes a rat.

"I - I - I . . ." Matthew was beyond coherent speech. Josh waited about 30 seconds and when it was clear that nothing sensible was about to be forthcoming he pushed the boy down onto the bench where he had left his clothes in their usual untidy heap.

"Right," he said. "I'm calling security. They can get the police."

"No !" The word was anguished. "It's not what you think, Josh, honest ! I wasn't trying to take anything."

"The fuck you weren't ! What were you doing then ?"

The boy looked down and colour flooded back into his face, crimsoning it. He muttered something unintelligible.

"What was that ?" snapped Josh. Damn it, he was really pissed off ! He had liked the boy, in part because Matthew had treated him with what had seemed to be genuine and unadulterated hero worship, and hell, it was kind of flattering to be worshipped.

"I wanted to sniff your underpants," whispered Matthew again, louder.

"Good God," said Josh, genuinely staggered. "You mean you're kinky for my shorts ?"

"I wanted to smell YOU," hissed Matthew fiercely, apparently gone beyond shame into some new realm. "I wanted to smell the, the sweat, the smell of you, deep down. I love you. I love everything about you !"

Josh sat down abruptly and covered his mouth with his hand as he always did when he was at a loss. He felt like someone had just socked him but good, right in the solar plexus.

"I don't know what to say," he said at last. "I still think I ought to report you. I mean - this is all wrong. It's sick."

"Please Josh. I'll lose my job. I'll do anything, anything you want." The big green eyes turned pleadingly on him. Josh couldn't help but notice how long and thick the lashes were, and how fine and clear the pale golden skin.

"Well . . . Look, lots of young guys get crushes, but you can't just go rooting around in some other guy's things. You need straightening out." Even as he said it he was aware of the unfortunate connotations in that sentence.

"I know it was wrong," murmured the boy. "I should be punished, but please don't report me, Take care of it yourself."

A charge of excitement made Josh's stomach quiver. The idea touched something dark in him, something that crept into his bed sometimes at night and filled his dreams with throbbing undercurrents.

"You'll agree to be punished as I see fit if I don't take this any further ?" he asked.

The green eyes flared with - could that be triumph ?

"Anything!" whispered the boy again, and Josh's cock twitched despite himself.

"Yeah well we'll see if you're so keen when I've finished with you. Come here." Josh adjusted his position on the hard wooden bench and spread his well muscled thighs. His cock, flaccid but still slightly full, hung like some exotic fruit between his legs. The younger man's glance swung magnetically to it and the heavy ballsack behind it, framed in hair as dark and curly as the blue-black coils on Josh's head.

Josh pointed down.

"Over my knee," he said.

Matthew's eyes widened again.

"You're going to spank me ?" he squeaked incredulously.

"I told you I was going to punish you. What did you think I meant ? By the time I get through with you, you're going to be sleeping on your stomach for a week."

Matthew swallowed audibly, but bent his slim young form obediently over Josh's knee. Even though he told himself it was kind of sick, Josh was getting rather a buzz from such complete submission. The idea that the younger man was in his power, and had to do whatever he wanted was definitely exciting, like breaking some kind of taboo.

"You need sorting out, toughening up," said Josh firmly. He raised his hand and brought it down hard on the tight stretched trousers of Matthew's suit. It was slightly worn, the material a little shiny where it stretched over the firm, high, nineteen-year-old buttocks. WHACK ! He felt the sting in his own hand, but Matthew just lay there, silent. WHACK ! WHACK ! He began a rhythmic pounding of the upturned cheeks. Matthew twitched a little and began to breathe more heavily, but he didn't cry out. After about twenty whacks, Josh's hand was beginning to get a little sore. He let up.

"Stand up, Matthew," he snapped. The lanky youth unfolded himself from the undignified position in which he had been taking his medicine. One hand went back unthinkingly to rub his behind.

"Hands by your sides," ordered Josh. Matthew hung his head but obeyed.

"Hmm, I think this is hurting me as much as it hurts you," muttered Josh, "and that ain't any part of my plans. OK, kid, drop 'em."

Matthew's head shot up, a trace of fear written in his face.

"Drop your trousers," ordered Josh again. The young man swallowed audibly, but he obeyed, unbuckling the belt with hands that shook a little, then unbuttoning and allowing the trousers to fall in a puddle around his ankles. He wore white Calvin Kleins underneath.

"Just step out of those trousers and take off your jacket and shirt," ordered Josh, his own heart beginnning to race, his mouth dry. Matthew complied. God, this beats squash any day, thought Josh. And hard on the heels of that - hell, I'm as kinky as he is ! Getting off on beating some kid's backside !! But he was certain of one thing - kinky or not, he was getting a charge from this, and he had no plans to stop.

"Now come here," said Josh, his voice calm and even, like a man dealing with some skittish animal. Matthew obeyed the authority in that voice instinctively, and grasping his arm, Josh pulled the youngster down across his knees. The taut white briefs curved provocatively across the pert buttocks. Josh licked lips gone suddenly dry, then placed his left hand firmly on the warm golden skin in the small of Matthew's back, feeling the young muscles move underneath it.

He brought his flattened palm firmly down on the youth's right and left cheeks in rapid succession, and had the satisfaction of feeling Matthew's gasp.

"Ah, that got a bit more reaction," he laughed. He resumed his rhythmic attack on that upturned and waiting backside. WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. WHACK. The blows weren't delivered with anything like the full strength of Josh's gym-trained arms, but their cumulative effect was beginning to tell, as Matthew began to shift from side to side and clench the muscles of his behind in an attempt to evade the growing fire in his behind. WHACK ! WHACK !!

"Ahh." It wasn't a full blown cry, more a slight involuntary gasp, but it went like electricity through Josh.

"OK Matthew, you can get up," he said, his voice deceptively kind.

Matthew scrambled clumsily up from Josh's lap, a rueful grin on his face and a certain fullness in his eye suggesting that he had been on the point of tears.

"That really hurt," he said, rubbing his seat.

Josh savoured the moment for a few seconds longer before he spoke.

"We haven't finished yet," he said, and watched as the youngster's face sank and the realisation that his punishment had not yet finished sank home.

"N-no, please Josh, I can't . . ."

"Or I can go to Security, and tell them EXACTLY what you were up to in here, and I think we both know how long that juicy little titbit would take to get round the office grapevine . . ."

Oh this was incredible, it was the biggest rush ever, having this power over someone else ! Josh felt his cock stir as he gloated over the crestfallen Matthew.

"I think you know what to do next Matthew," he said in the same calm, superficially reasonable tone.

"No. No, I don't . . ." began the desperate youth.

"Oh I think you do. I think you know exactly what comes next," goaded Josh.

"T-take my underpants off ?"

"You see, you do know. I want you to strip and bend over in front of me, legs apart, while I inspect you."

Silently, with hands that shook like leaves, Matthew removed his underwear and adopted the undignified position. Josh stared at the two high cheeks, their creamy skin blotched with rose where his hand had struck. He had never really looked at another guy's ass before, it wasn't exactly the kind of thing a regular guy did, and Josh had spent a lot of time and effort becoming a regular guy. His pulse pounded. A perfect bead of sweat slid down the boy's thigh from that little nest of golden hair where ass and ballsack met. Josh was aware of his own raging hard-on. Christ, he thought, I could just rape the little bastard, slide it up him and what could he do ? He might even enjoy it. Isn't that what he wants ?

He took a sudden shuddering breath and regained a measure of self-control. No. That was going too far. "Get over here," he snarled with sudden anger. He pulled the boy roughly by the arm, so abruptly that Matthew stumbled into him with a little cry. For a horribly long moment the boy clung against him, warm and silky, before he was roughly repulsed and flung down over Josh's thighs.

WHACK ! WHACK ! WHACK ! WHACK ! Josh's hand came down punishingly on the smooth buttocks, feeling the elastic flesh spring under his hand as scarlet blossomed afresh on the pale skin. He kept up a hard, driving rhythm of blows as Matthew began to shift and whimper under his hand. Soon the boy was crying out with each blow, little incoherent moans, which gave way to strangled pleas that warmed Josh's heart.

"Yeah, you little bastard, that's what you get for messing with me," muttered Josh. "You'll remember this for a long, long time." He began shifting the area of the blows, spanking the sides of the cheeks as well as their crown, and paying particular attention to the sensitive area where the buttocks met the top of the thighs. The youth's behind was glowing, every inch of it an angry red, mottled with darker purplish bruises, and he was crying like a child before Josh let up. His hand had become too sore to take this much further, and to tell the truth as the flush of angry lust faded a little he felt twinges of guilt, an emotion to which he was unaccustomed. It made him uncomfortable.

He sighed, and patted Matthew gently on the shoulder - only to have the youngster flinch in expectation of another blow.

"OK, get up," he said, a little irritated at this reaction. Matthew cautiously scrambled off Josh's knee, his face nearly as red as his backside, but blotched with tears rather than the marks of fingers. He swallowed, wincing, and one hand strayed to his backside, tentatively examining the unbelievable heat and pain in his bum. Then he looked up, fear written plainly on his face, but Josh just shook his head.

"It's OK, your punishment's over," he said. Relief flooded the open features, and Josh couldn't resist adding "for now," just to see the look of consternation it produced.

"Come here again, Matthew," added the older man. "It's OK, I've got something that will relieve the pain a bit." Delving into his sports bag he found some Lasonil ointment, something he had found useful in relieving bruises acquired in his sports game. Gently, he turned the teenager around. Squeezing a little of the greasy ointment he began to massage it, very carefully, into the swollen and scarlet flesh. He was careful and thorough, feeling the muscular flesh of the boy's buns glide under his fingers. On an impulse, he slid his greased fingers between the taut buttocks, one rough finger grazing the puckered flesh of the hole.

Matthew whimpered again and Josh felt his own erection spring to renewed life.

Too far gone this time to care, Josh pulled Matthew round, noting the young man's own throbbing erection as he swept him against his chest and fastened on those tender, pale lips a passionate kiss, to which Matthew responded with surprise and then willing ardour. Their bodies moved against one another with urgent lust until Josh's hand brushed Matthew's still flaming backside and the youth was unable to stifle his pained reaction. They broke a little apart.

Josh gripped Matthew by the arms and looked into the green eyes, still a little pink from crying, but now radiant with pleasure and a hungry if inexperienced sexuality.

"God, what have I done to you ?" he demanded.

"What I wanted," said Matthew. "What we both wanted." He paused, then added "Josh ?"

"Mmm ?"

"Will you take me home with you ?"

"Ah - yeah, why not ?" said Josh weakly. He had a sudden feeling that matters were sliding out of his control, like he had overcommitted himself to a squash shot and suddenly the ball was coming from a different angle. "I guess . . ." Damn, who was running this show ?

Matthew smiled triumphantly, as they got into their clothes. Oh boy, this was going to be fun. But a sudden thought came to him as the tight trousers rubbed painfully against his still throbbing backside.

"Josh ?"

"Yes ?"

"Err - do you have a cushion in your car ?"

Josh began to laugh . . .

Copyright © 2001

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