Discipline haiku

by Paulus the Woodgnome

ianboy's note: Having just been introduced to the subtle and (usually !) gentle art of the "haiku", I thought you might enjoy these brilliant examples by Paulus. This may become a larger feature on the site in future as I explore this new fascination !

I hope you also enjoy these striking and very suggestive Japanese images by Go Mishima I've added (courtesy of Tomeck's Bondage & Fetish Site).

mishima_art01.jpg (42K)

red moon pales to white;
your white cheeks flush
to deepest scarlet

jasmine on night air;
the scent of your sweat
as your hand falls

mishima_art05.jpg (55K)

shaking hands;
the heavy paddle now just a souvenir

becomes please no more;
red blossoms

mishima_art03.jpg (47K)

Haiku copyright © 2001

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